Inquiries on the case of Jamal Ali, Natig Kamilov and Etibar Salmanli

In response to the inquiries into the case of Jamal Ali, Natig Kamilov and Etibar Salmanli, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Austria would like to inform of the following:

Based on the information of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Jamal Ali, Mr. Natig Kamilov and Mr. Etibar Salmanli were detained under the Article 296 (minor hooliganism) of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Azerbaijan for violating public order and disobeying legal request of the police during the sanctioned protest in the territory of Sabail district of Baku, Azerbaijan on March 17, 2012. According to the decision of Sabail district court Mr. Jamal Ali was arrested for 10 days, Mr. Natig Kamilov for 6 days and Mr. Etibar Salmanli for 5 days under administrative detention procedure.

These three persons were released after the completion of their administrative arrests. No unlawful actions were exercised against them in the temporary detention centre.

Azerbaijan, as a young democracy, remains fully committed to continue advancing respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and guaranteeing rule of law in accordance with its international commitments and national legislation.

Unfortunately, the Embassy has recently observed a growing tendency of unfounded accusations against the Azerbaijani authorities, such as in the case of the mentioned 3 persons, who were released at the end of March 2012. Such accusations are based on false information and regularly disseminated by human rights advocacy groups without any proper investigation or request for clarification from the authorities of Azerbaijan.

It is regretful that the same human rights advocacy groups present this one-sided information as a reality and attempt to consolidate support of Austrian society representatives and citizens to their activities. In this regard the Embassy encourages citizens of Austria who are interested in specific cases related to human rights situation in Azerbaijan to send their inquiries directly to the Embassy, to refrain from making preliminary judgments until more clarity is brought to the issues of concern.  



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